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Type of Flea Medicine

Fleas tend to be the biggest robbers of peace for our furry friends. There is little information concerning these fleas and how to get rid of them. There is need therefore to shed more light on these parasites, more so how to get rid of them.

A flea is known to live for almost three years, and part of that time is not your pet dog. The female flea is capable of laying a million eggs in its lifespan. These eggs can lay dormant in a carpet for almost a year, until there are adequate conditions for them to hatch.

Fleas attack dogs and cats mostly because they are closer to the ground and their body temperature is ideal for their thriving. When they cannot reach pets, they will go for children and toddlers who are the next closest ones. This should make you get rid of them from your house at once. You will achieve this through a good flea medicine.

A female flea tends to bite a few times before it finds a blood vessel. Its saliva gives the dog an allergic reaction. Once it is done feeding on the host, it shall then lay its eggs and deposit droppings that consist of undigested blood. The eggs and droppings tend to shed from the dog’s coat and land on all surfaces in living areas.

Their eggs cannot be harmed by temperatures. They will remain as eggs until proper hatching conditions come to pass. When they hatch into larvae, flea medicine can act on them quite easily. You need therefore to apply flea medicine the minute you see the flea presence. This could eliminate a huge number of them.

The flea medicine comes in different levels of effectiveness, safety, odor, and convenience. Whichever one you settle on, ensure all pets, pet areas and even the car get doused in it. Using it only on the dog leaves other areas where there could be lagers egg deposits. Flea medicine comes in different formats.

There are flea powders. They can be used on any dog that is at least two months old. It however is only effective in killing adult fleas, and not the larvae.
Flea sprays can either be alcoholic or organic based. Some come equipped with insect growth regulators, which will kill flea eggs. Your dog will however not appreciate this medicine format.

Flea dips seem to be the most effective at killing them. Their drawback is their high level of toxicity. Do not do them to the pets too often. While doing it, wear protective gloves.

You now have many ways of killing fleas. Settle on the best option for you.

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