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Save Money While You’re Young

Most of the teenagers nowadays only care about money, other than money, they don’t usually give a damn about other things. Its sad to think that most of the teens nowadays only think of their self and their money in order to buy the things that they want. Most of the teens nowadays do not care about the serious matter like how they can pay the rent, their grocery bills and their retirement age, however, they opt to think about petty things like, what they are going to wear, their new friends and who will going to like them. Actually, it’s a good thing that they don’t worry; we should never have to worry. The problem is they don’t know that their lack of money knowledge may very well hurt them in the future.

Did your parents teach you about money when you were growing up? It is really a good thing that most of the parents should taught their children how to use and spend money wisely so that their children will be prepared if they were thrown someday into the real world. However, most parents do not teach their children the importance of money. Its sad to think that it is very possible that they will also not be taught until they grow up.

What does it feels like when you are in debt? Have you ever thought what it feels like for someone to grow up in debt and what could be the kind of family that the person has. You might think that people born into a rich family grew up to be wealthy. Most of these people probably look wealthy because they continue spending money when they grow up the same as they spent their parents money, only they might not have the same large income that their parents had. In the near future, if they had already spent all of the money of their parents, this will be the reason that they will be on debt. A person in debt doesn’t deserve sympathy, but he rather deserves pity. Nobody told them to waste their money and buy what they can’t afford, but nobody told them not to either.

Have you ever wondered how it feels like when you have control over your money? It’s possible that these people who can control their money doesn’t have luxury house and cars, however, there is also a big chance that these people doesn’t have any debts. These are usually one of two different people. The tolerable kind are those people who have probably lived in a modest home with a few money. They were not taught to be too grand, however, they were taught to value their money. Its good that these people were taught by their parents since they have brought this money-saving lesson until they grew up.

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