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Selecting A Fence The purpose of the fence is one of the most critical considerations when choosing a fence. One may erect a fence for several purposes which include privacy, security, decoration, containing pets and children. Most scenarios involve more than one of the purposes for fencing instead of a single straight forward reason. Having this in mind, it is possible to do an evaluation of the common fences that may be most suitable for you. If the primary purpose of fencing is security, a relatively tall fence is preferred. The fence should be durable and cost effective without any gaps. All the three requirements are fulfilled by timber fences in most cases. By laying more emphasis on the cost, easy installations and height installations, this category seek to look for a typical fence panel. The ideal characteristics of fence panels are a wide range of heights ranging from short to tall and a standard width. The installation and maintenance of panel fence overtime is made easier by its standard width. If security is the main purpose, the major considerations will be the height and the structural strength. A solid fascia will not be so critical. In the case of security purpose, a rigid mesh fence system is the best option. This should be mounted on steel posts and should be above six feet in height. As much as the steel frames are suitable for industrial and commercial purposes, they may not be appropriate for domestic use. A suitable fence for domestic security should be strong and tall. These features will help hide your property and prevent intruders from scaling your perimeter. A chain link is applicable when privacy is not given much consideration. Close board fence may be mounted on heavier sections even though they are more expensive than panel fence. Besides, they come in different height options offering a higher degree of security than fence panels.
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Fences meant for aesthetic purposes come in a wide range of prices. The major determinants of the choice of a fence meant for an aesthetic purpose is the appearance and the budget set aside. Generally, the more you spend, the more durable will be the fence. Fences meant for aesthetic purposes have a major shortcoming regarding security and privacy. However, they are appropriate for demarcation inside the property. Metal railing fences are the most common but most expensive. Despite providing for security effectively, they are not appropriate for privacy.
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There are many options available for fencing for containment of pets and children. Waist high timber rail fences clad with animal mesh as well as the options discussed above are the options available for this purpose. The type as well as well as quantity is determined by what is to be contained. The situation at hand determines the style as well as the type of fence.